About Us

Affinity's mission is to empower our customers and their success.

The Affinity team identifies and addresses business needs on an individual customer level to then provide the most effective support services thereby empowering a clear, worry-free path to success.


About Affinity

At eSolution,

we work as a true business partner to understand the strategic objectives of our customers. We believe that technology serves as the means to the end to support business requirements. Key to our methodology is the road mapping and delivery of short-term milestones to build the foundation for long-term goals.

Through eHealth

we operate a multi-dimensional platform for monitoring and compliance programs, developed by eSolutions, which has become a market leader.

Affinity's own

unique business model clearly demonstrates that our key areas of expertise - development and operations - work effectively together to maximize and empower business success. Working within such a partnership relationship, Affinity not only understands business needs but also has the technical expertise to achieve successful implementation.